How to order sewing threads - back

To order sewing threads, please indicate the following details, if possibile:

  1. Fiber: we produce sewing threads made of all main synthetic fibers: nylon, polyester, polypropylene, kevlar. The kind of fiber depends on the sewing to carry out. In any case, if you want a special fiber, please indicate it.

  2. Count: it is the main technical detail of the thread. It indicates the thread diameter, so its resistance. It can be expressed in several measurement units, linked to the thread specific weight: dtex, label, metric number, etc. If you don’t know the count, please indicate the needle size used to sew or its application.

  3. Color: The sewing threads are available in a wide color range, collected in 3 standard colour cards for the sectors of: clothes, peltry/footwear sewing threads and footwear braids. Thanks to our lab and inner dyehouse we can produce custom colours according to your requirements.

  4. Packaging: sewing threads are usually sold in bobbins or king spools of different size. If you need a special packaging, please indicate it.

  5. Quantity: it is the quantity needed, usually indicated in pieces (number of king spools of a certain length) or in Kg.

  6. Use: if possible, please indicate the kind of use, so that we can suggest you the item that best fits your application.