How to order ropes - back

To order ropes, please indicate the following details, if possible:

  1. Fiber: we produce ropes made of all synthetic fibers and sometimes also natural fibers. The kind of fiber depends on the rope use. In any case, if you want a special fiber, please indicate it.
  2. Kind: 3 or 4 strands
  3. Diameter MM: it is the main technical detail linked to the rope resistance. The diameter is the size of rope section, measured by a gauge and expressed in millimeters.
  4. Consistency: it is linked to a “touch effect” and to the rope flexibility (depending on the specific use). Ropes are produced with several kinds of consistency: rigid, semi-rigid, normal, soft (rigid/semi-rigid to get quite a “hard” rope, normal/soft to get a more flexible and handy rope).
  5. Color: the standard rope is white. In any case, a wide range of colors is available. We can also produce a color according to your sample.
  6. Quantity: it is the quantity needed, usually expressed in meters or Kg. When required, it is possible to supply already cut ropes in pieces of the length needed.
  7. Packaging: ropes are usually sold in cops of several standard size. If you need special packaging, please indicate it.
  8. Use: if possible, please indicate the kind of use, so that we can suggest you the item that best fits your application.