How to order footwear braids - back

To order footwear braids, please indicate the following details, if possible:

  1. Fiber: we produce footwear braids made of the two main synthetic fibers normally used for these applications: high tenacity nylon and polyester. However, polyester HT is the most widespread fiber on the market.
  2. Diameter: it is the main technical detail of the braid, directly linked to its resistance. There are several diameters from 0.6 mm to 1.6 mm, according to the needle used to sew and its application.
  3. Color: the footwear braids are available in a wide range of colors, collected in a standard colour card. Thanks to our lab and inner dyehouse, we can produce a color sample according to your requirements.
  4. Finishing: the braids are available in several finishings, particularly fit for sewing machines and hand-made sewing. We have natural braids, lubricated braids for machine sewing, semi-waxed and waxed braids for “Ideal” and “Blake” sewing, waxed braids for hand-made sewing. If you are not sure about the kind of braid, please indicate the sewing machine or the sewing you want to carry out.
  5. Packaging: braids are usually sold in reels or flanged bobbins of several standard size.
  6. Quantity: it is the quantity needed, usually expressed in pieces (number of bobbins of a certain length) or Kg.
  7. Use: if possible, please indicate the kind of use, so that we can suggest you the item that best fits your application.