Cittadini spa has been working for over 70 years with several customers operating in different sectors, from the more traditional and historic one of fishing to the latest new generation yarns for innovative technological applications.

We have accompanied the evolution of modern fishing with the introduction of the first mechanic looms in Europe. We have been pioneers in the use of synthetic high-tenacity fibers (nylon, polyester) in the nets production. We have also introduced nylon monofilament “invisibile” nets in Italy and some innovative products in the textile sector.

Moreover, we have accompanied the passage to industrial fishing and its special requests for surrounding nets, until the creation of aquaculture nets. Our close relationship with customers and exclusive know-how allow us to propose innovative products and solutions at a competitive cost/performance rate. Cittadini spa is a worldwide recognized brand, synonymous of top quality.

We have applied this guidelines also to the production of yarns, ropes and braids. We have conquered a considerable part of the market because we can fully meet our customers’ requests. Through the years we have achieved a great competence we still use in the current manufacture of more and more technological and reliable products. We also guarantee effective service, fast delivery and attention to customer’s special requests.

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